Episode 78: Ship Money

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Seeking to once again insert England into European geo-politics, Charles implements a revenue raising scheme to pay for a powerful navy – Ship Money.


Book of the Month: October 2019

Eric Ash – The Draining of the Fens

The most thorough study of the early modern fenlands.  Much of the previous episode of the show was drawn from Ash’s work, as he documents the economic, political, and social consequences of state-sponsored drainage.  A great dive into regional history, especially useful for the 1630s (whose history is often told from the exclusive perspective of the court).

Episode 77: The Fens

Download: Episode 77: The Fens


A massive drainage project in the marshlands of East Anglia creates tensions between the Crown, local land owners, and commoners.

Key Characters

Cornelius Vermuyden (a Dutch hydro-engineer)
Francis Russell, Earl of Bedford (an aristocrat with an eye for land development)

New Locations on Map

The Wash (where the fenland rivers drain)
The Great Level (site of the largest drainage project of the 1630s)

Episode 76: The UnDecay of Trade

Download: Episode 76: The UnDecay of Trade


A peace-time trade boom creates new winners and losers among London’s merchant oligarchs. Municipal power shifts from merchants doing business in the Netherlands to those exploiting markets in the Mediterranean and the East.

Key Characters

Maurice Abbot (a major player in the Levant and East India Companies)

New Locations on Map

Hormuz (island guarding the Persian Gulf, seized from Portugal by the East India Company)

Amboyna (site of a massacre inflaming Anglo-Dutch relations in Asia)

Changes to the Show


The show has migrated to a new hosting service!  Which means there are a few changes.  There will now be ads (which will help me be able to continue doing the show), and I’ve gone back and re-edited some of the previous episodes.  I like to think my editing has improved over the past year and a half, and hopefully the show is more listenable now.

Thanks for supporting the show so far, and I hope you continue to do so!

Greg Koabel

Episode 74: Thorough

Download: Episode 74: Thorough


Intent on turning Ireland into a profitable enterprise, Charles selects a new Lord Deputy – Thomas Wentworth, his top man in the north of England.

Key Characters

John Savile (a veteran of Yorkshire politics and Wentworth’s rival)
Thomas Wentworth (an ambitious and dedicated public servant)
Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork (wealthy and influential New English planter)

New Locations on Map

York (administrative centre for the Council of the North)